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But he had something different from them, something that makes me go towards him every day, something I had never seen or feel before !, do you know the sense of flight? To fly away from all this world .. well I know this feeling, every time he tells me he loves me I feel like everything around me has disappeared!, and I can’t see anyone else but him I hear only the beats of my heart, find someone who sees every little mistake in you and still loves you in the same way means that you have life and safety, I declare my eternal love to him, and all what coming will be his ""💙

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دلوقتي انا بحب واحدة من سني وبموت فيها من اول مرة شوفتها بس انا دلوقتي خايف اقولها اني بحبها وحاولت كام مرة انساها بس مش عارف ومش عارف برضوا إذا هي كمان بتحبني ولا ايه وفيه واحده أصغر مني فيها شبه منها وحلوه وقلبي حس بحاجه حلوة نحيتها وبشوفها كل يوم إنما اللي بحبها من الأول مسافرة مع اهلها اعمل ايه

لا اله إلا الله، رُوح إتعالج ي بني:"

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