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Do you think Moonlight won because the Academy actually gives a fuck about representation of gay people in movies? It probably was because in the past the Academy was faced with controversy for lack of diversity and they wanted to fix it someway, not out of some desire to improve the world.

I mean the best scenario is that they gave it the award because they legit thought it was the best movie, politics aside.

If there was some ulterior motive behind the voting, I'd wager it had more to do with La La Land being the alternative. There's probably at least a few academy voters who looked at the criticism they've gotten for being out of touch and how people reacted when they gave the award to The Artist, and realized that a best picture win for a throwback to 40s technicolour musicals would torpedo whatever cultural credibility they had left.

(A more depressing possibility is that at least some of them are hoping this will make all the #OscarsSoWhite controversy go away so they can go back to rewarding mainstream mediocrity and movies that tell them how great they are)

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What do you think about the whole "I'm not feminist, I'm equalist" argument? I think it's kind of petty and pointless to argue semantics. When you say you're a feminist, people already know what you mean.

There are probably some people who think they're making an actual point, just like there are people who think "all lives matter" is anything other than an anti-BLM motto, but 90% of the time it comes off as nothing but a bad diversionary tactic.

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I saw a video on the internet that said: "if anyone tells you're not talented, don't listen to that person. Your opinion is the only important one. Rowling was rejected at first and look where she is now". I think it's a bad approach because you will not learn as a creator. What do you think?

It's bad for several reasons.

1. "Talent" as people imagine it isn't a thing. People don't have an art gene that they're either born with or without. Your skill at any given whatever is a combination of factors, some of which are outside your control but most of which aren't.

2. "Your opinion is the only one that matters" is sort of true, but only in the specific context that ultimately you have to be the one to parse the reaction and feedback your work elicits and decide what to make of it. It doesn't mean you should ignore what everyone else says and bravely forge ahead, heedless of all warnings and advice. You'll probably fall off a cliff or write Save The Pearls or something.

3. Financial success and actually being good at what you do aren't the same thing at all.

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A lot of writers were sometimes drunk while they were writing. Have you ever tried it? Is it as cool as they say?

One time I wrote while I was really sick, does that count?

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You mentioned reading the Steel Remains on Twitter, are you going to do a review or read of it, and hopefully more GRIMDARK fantasy in the future?

I'll definitely be reviewing it.

As for more grimdark fantasy? Yeah, probably.

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I'm sure you said sometime in the past that The Dark Knight was overblown. What don't you like about it?

It's too long, the editing is choppy and chaotic, a lot of the dialogue is total bullshit and the joker gets annoying about halfway through.

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Regarding that retweet, do you have something agains tees in general, or just those shitty bustedtees ones? I think some tees can be very creative.

If you're asking whether I have a problem with t-shirts the answer is no (I'm wearing one right now!). What I hate is nerd shirts that take two or more properties and lazily slap them together. It's indicative of the nerd tendency to keep endlessly remixing and driving favored properties into the ground instead of just letting them exist as they are.

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What's the shittiest job you've ever had?

Ticket collector at Croke Park, the (at the time) largest stadium the country. When Dublin were playing it was absolute chaos: massive over-crowding, belligerent fans, people trying to sneak in, drunks vomiting at 10 in the morning...

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Do you find it weird that the same demographic of people who lost their fudge at the Richard Spencer punch and seem squeamish at the idea of aggressive resistance in general also loves movies like Star Wars? Or did I miss the part where Luke convinces the Death Star to leave with reasoned discourse?

I think there's two forces at play here.

The first is that the Empire (/the Capital/the Third Reich/insert fictional or well known historical regime here) has, by the time Star Wars begins, long since passed the point where its evil and injustice is obvious. Movies are good at depicting this stage of an authoritarian world, but they're not so good at showing what leads up to it; people expect some obvious point of no return rather than a gradient with no clear transition point (the prequels, for all their flaws, actually depicted this pretty well).

So that's one reason why people don't realize that we're witnessing the beginning of an authoritarian takeover of the US. The other reason is that they don't want to believe it. Many will go on not believing until well after it's too late, and may even continue to insist that the regime didn't exist after it falls.

So for those two reasons, we will continue to see hand-wringing about all the violent rhetoric from the left even as Trump's government sends up one honking red flag after another and the Nazis become more and more emboldened.

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In a few months there's going to be a TV adaptation of "American Gods" by Neil Gaiman. I recall you said that Gaiman isn't your bag, so I think you could comment better than anyone on the show, right? ;) (Sorry, no €100 euro bill this time, I'm saving for the Nintendo Switch, which looks great, BTW)

Maybe the series won't involve the characters faffing around and wasting time for ages and ages.

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I know it's kind of a cliche question, but now I'm searching something new to read and I want to know some of your favorite authors.

I don't tend to have favourite authors, honestly--even if I super love a particular book, it's rare that I'll find the rest of the author's bibliography particularly interesting.

Instead, here are some books I liked recently:

The Fifth Season by NK Jemisin
Dead Wake and The Devil In The White City by Erik Larson
Under The Banner of Heaven by John Krauker
Americanah by Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie
Homegoing by Yaa Gyasi (currently reading, but it's very promising so far)

And I recommend Never Let Me Go by Kazuo Ishiguro to everyone because it's one of my favourite books.

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Are you Ronan the Accuser, by any chance?

It me

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Have you seen hbomberbuy and Shaun and Jen's videos on the Youtubes? I think they're pretty much required viewing for anyone sick of internet far right and the "rationals".

I've seen hbomberguy's, hadn't heard of the other two.

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Watership Down may be the best book about psychic rabbits ever published.

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What do you think would be better for the Kingkiller show; a rap soundtrack or stuff like the alien reggae from Force Awakens?

Lute covers of obnoxious mumbly-vocal indie bands.

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I'm thinking about opening a blog. Do you recommend letting all your friends know you have a new blog (via Facebook or Twitter) or just putting the blog on the Internet and see if it attracts an audience? I ask that because I'm afraid my friends see my blog and think I'm a hack.

Make a blog, then tell your friends it was written by someone else and gauge their reaction. If they like it, you can be like IT WAS I WHO WROTE THESE POSTS and they'll be all "omg", but if they hate it you can keep pretending you don't own it.

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I'm from Spain, and I'm wondering if you have any favorite Spanish or Latin American authors or books. Perez-Reverte? Gabriel Garcia Marquez?

I'm afraid not. It's a blind spot I've been meaning to fill.

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What is the best opening paragraph you've ever seen?

In trying to answer this, I realized that I can't actually think of many really memorable book openings. They're difficult to write--I know from personal experience--and even great books often open with a certain amount of clunkiness.

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Is a master's degree as exhausting as everybody says?

Mine was!

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How short should I get my haircut?

Savannah Mazzy

The answer is in your heart

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How far into the lore and narrative do you get in the Souls games, do you have any opinion on how it holds up as fantasy compared to the kind of stuff you leta read?

How far do I get? Not very. I'm fascinated by how the Souls series presents its lore and background information, but the actual content, once you do the work of digging into it, isn't nearly as interesting as its delivery method.

On the other hand I was far more engrossed by the world and backstory of bloodborne, and got quite into watching lore videos and theory posts.

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What did you think when you saw that George R R Martin liked the Kvothe books? Did you think that was a fluke? Did you think that was more evidence of the fact that a good writer isn't necessarily a good critic? Did you think that Rothfuss' attempts at breaking fantasy tropes appealed to him?

I think it has less to do with Martin specificaly and more to do with fantasy readers in general. Clearly, there is some common appeal from the Kvothe books (and Lord of the rings, and wheel of time, and indeed a song of ice and fire) that I just don't share.

You might be onto something with the tropes, though. If you like stale fantasy tropes to begin with, then playing around with them the way Rothfuss theoretically does probably seems a lot more fun.

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Have you seen some of the more adult oriented cartoons that people rave about like Rick and Morty and BoJack Horseman?


Apart from The Simpsons ten years ago, I tend not to like most adult-oriented (does The Simpsons really fall into that category? I guess it does sometimes) animated stuff.

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What is your experience with mystery books? Did you have better luck in that genre than in fantasy? Any good author?

Never really got into them. Not particularly to my taste.

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I've been reading your commentary of The Name of the Wind and I strongly suspect you have a beef against reddit, just as strong as Kvothe's beef against poetry. Care to elaborate? Maybe for a blog post? You can get it out of your system and your followers can relate to your pain. Everybody wins.

Reddit is rapidly becoming the number one recruiting ground for white supremacists and other bigoted trash, and the people who run it are in thrall to abusive assholes who use "free speech" to cover their harassment.

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