Ask @RooneyZaib:

What are the pros and cons of being attractive? 🌚

-You can spark up a conversation more easily
-You get favorable treatment from teachers and counselors
-People will look at you when they talking in a group or presenting a project
-Easier for you to get into relationships (if you so desired)
-You get more attention then other people
-People think you are rich/well-off
-If you say anything positive about yourself, you are labeled as self-centered, conceited or having vanity
-Which leads people to judging you more harshly on your actions (oops sorry for slipping up)
-People will think who ever you walking with is your girlfriend.
-You will attract the same-sex
-Girls might be intimidated by you or think you are unattainable
-People expect you to give your attention to them.
-Do people like you for who you are or just because of your looks?
-You are judged far more quickly then other people
-Rumors of you spread
-Apparently being smart and good looking is impossible and some people will become very spiteful of you....

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