Tell me something?

There's this person who is actually perfect, wish they'd recognise me🙃🙂

hoe oud ben je

English please

can i have you? Becca

Yess😍😍can I have you?

be my gf

Can't date someone I don't know eh

How do you generally deal with judgemental and bitchy girls?

smack the bitches in the face

Whose brain would you want to live in for a day?

If I msg you on facebook so you know which friend I am... would you possibly let me suck on your toes?


R u single?

Been single for 6 years nearly😋

I might... is that ok? hope you don't mind? I think you're amazingly beautiful too btw! im not just only interested in your feet :D

Haha, thank you

yea well I would think your feet are gorgeous! I'd give you a free foot massage!

Think you've got a feet fetish sugar

I bet you have gorgeous feet though!

Feet are just feet

Do you paint your toe nails?


What size is your bra


do your tits hang low? do the reach down to your toe? can you tie them in a knot? can you tie them in a bow?

Let's not talk about my pancakes please

Why is Justin Bieber so popular? Can you explain??

I think I've become a believer with his tunes he's realised lately😂


What tricks do you use to win people around when they take a disliking to you??

I'll get the Mafia on you if you don't be my friend' normally works :)

What lines do you use to try and persuade door staff to let you into clubs after 'Last Entry' time??

I need a wee, I'm gonna wee myself, please, I'll pay you to use your toilets' they still didn't let me in, probably because I'm underage, but hayhoo

Are you a virgin still?

I'm still Virgin Mary and proud

If you could only keep five possessions, what would they be?


I'm dying my hair today, ooo


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