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TBH - You're my Angel👰, You're my Bae🙆, You're my SweetsaCutesaHeart💞, You're my other half💍! "❤ Love yo fuckin much" Beffie ❤️💋 #TheWordPriorityIllDeriveForYou❤️👑 #MainestAmongAll💞🙆🙈

Prince Samad
Samad! My jaan, my best friend, my human diary and my other half, you mean the world to me and I love you.🙈❤You know, when I started talking to you, I honestly didn't know you were gonna be this important to me.👑Thankyousofuckinggmuch! for always being there for me, Iloveyou.🌏❤

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Any 10 all time favorite songs?

1.Forgiveness-(Enrique Iglesias)❤🙈
2.Finally Found you -(Enrique Iglesias)❤🙈
3.Why not me. -(Enrique Iglesias)❤🙈
4.Duele El Corazon -(Enrique Iglesias)❤🙈
5.Heart Attack. -(Enrique Iglesias)❤🙈
6.Addicted. -(Enrique Iglesias)❤🙈
7.Hero. -(Enrique Iglesias)❤🙈
8.Bailando. -(Enrique Iglesias)❤🙈
9.El Perdon. -(Enrique Iglesias)❤🙈
10.Be with you. -(Enrique Iglesias)❤🙈

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