Ask @Ruby_Doulton:

Amabel: Darn askme... ;w; Okay, I will ask again. Do you like a firm, thick booty that is perfect for gripping and slapping, or a booty that is soft and squishy that is perfectly huggable and sinks everything in that tries to grab it? owo

Rend and Amabel
I think its because i replied with a very naughty picture! But anyway hmm, both really, I love a booty, i can grip i love them big and fat, So big that when i slap it, ir ripples out like a pebble being dropped in the water, And i like to nuzzle it, so i like them thick and fat! But also love my fingers sinking into them! But also like grabbing hold of a ass, and bouncing it in my lap, so like i said both!

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