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Use of symbols can be seen as language in the broader sense. But you confuse communication and language. Monkeys have communication not language.

I do not confuse communication with language. It is you who is making a distinction without a difference. There's no semantic communication without language. Without words? Yes. Without language? No communication. That's why there's sign language, it's a communication LANGUAGE without words. Language is the ONLY means of semantic communication. Without language there is no semantic communication.

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You need language to be able to think and it is the medium you use to communicate and transport sthg. But the possibilty of yes or no is not dependend on the existence of language or comes together with.I can offer you sthg nonverbal and you nod or shake your head. It's the same.

Language has nothing to do with verbal. Animals have language, monkeys etc.. Mute people have language. Language has nothing to do with words. It's an organized, agreed upon system of symbols. It enables yes / no

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Your Facebook cover photo is gorgeous. Why don't you post selfies?

If a look particularly good on a certain day, AND remember to take a pic, AND it comes out nice -- I might post. Those 3 rarely coincide though.

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Is "Complextro" computer generated? Mixed? How long did it take you to compose, create , and make available on youtube?

Computer generated

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If I ask you a question that you can answer with yes or no, then the possibility of a yes or a no exists before you think and say it.

The possibility of it existed as soon as language was created. It proves nothing in the context of our original discussion. But the intellectual acrobatics u have to go through to rebuttal what I say prove pretty clearly who's got the stronger arguments to support their view.

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If you write a faked love letter, the letter transports the faked love. How it is interpreted by the one it is adressed to depends on her awareness of what's reality.

The language is what does the transporting. And if used well it will transport the same thing whether the letter is fake or real.

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How did Stanley Clarke react with the car story? Was it more to laugh or to cry?

Laughter galore

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Do you think in sex you are more of a fast and furious kind of guy or more of a slow and calm?

I donno, what do you think?

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By the way, it was very nice to listen to you live on Talk Smooth Jazz radio. Let us know when your name will be in red light letters on the front of Olympia with a mention "complet" next to it.

Are you going to pick up some of the questions and your answerts here and publish them in a collection of "Ruslan's thoughts"? It would be interesting to have them somewhere and compare in 10, 20 years to see at which level we all will be :-).

totally.. i wish this site had the function.. otherwise i have to go through 3000 questions.

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What gene would you love to do a song in that people would never ever expect to hear from you?

I think people find some kind of music beautiful bcs it makes them feel something familiar, soothing, something they've already experienced in childhood, it reminds them of situations. When I was 11 my classmates didn't like opera at all & I was amazed by Aida played in a openair theatre in Verona.

i agree 100%

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Road story: Your best or worst experience

first tour with stanley clarke... i rent a car to drive to his house, we are supposed to go to the airport from his house.. i drive into his narrow drive way, get out of the car and go inside. we have tea and get ready to get into my rental car to go to the airport (where i will drop the rental off).
I forgot the keys in the car.. the car door is locked....cant get in. my suitcase is inside the car (i need it for the tour!!!), but also --- i blocked his car in the driveway, so we couldnt even take HIS car to get to the airport. I need to return this rental today and hop on a flight in 2 hours!! we have no way of getting to the airport, I have no suitcase, I cant return the car (because the keys are locked) and we HAVE TO LEAVE :)) flight is soon!! we call a cab, pay like $120 for the super long cab ride, I call the rental company they go to stanley's home with a spare set of car keys and take their car back. I go on tour without clothes :)

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Which could you go longer without on a deserted island-your piano and keyboard or the Mac before you cracked?

need my mac.. even for music.

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Does a melody you have in your mind not exist before you play it or write it down? Does a thought you have not exist before your tongue forms the words and you speak it out loudly?

the melody exists in my mind before i play it. before it exists in my mind - theres no reason to assume it exists.
the thought exists in my mind before i say it. before it exists in my mind - theres no reason to assume it exists.

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Take another transport medium than music. A love letter. Is the letter more than just a sheet of paper plus ink? If yes, what is the content of that plus?

The content of that plus is LANGUAGE. In a letter you use Semantic Language which is an agreed upon set of audio-symbols... audio symbols that, unlike music, address very specific phenomena/experiences etc..The letter is the paper + inc + LANGUAGE (and whatever that language specifically communicates through agreed upon symbols, be it a table or the sky or love or ice cream).
Love is an internal emotion that human beings experience, like hunger or fatigue. When I say Hunger -- u know what i mean because
1 - the word "HUNGER" in english refers to something very very very specific, as does the word love or the word chair.
2 - u have experienced hunger before so u know what the word refers to experientially.
to prove to you that theres nothing more than Language involved -- we can do an experiment. I can write a FAKE love letter to someone who I know secretly loves me.. they will feel all the love in the world (which is what you are alluding to)... but that will just be language at work and i will not have meant a word of it. What u are alluding to does not exist, my friend.

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What's the most important art form of this century?

Thats the thing with language you see :) language allows us to formulate questions which (because they are well structured linguistically) sound like they should have actual answers :)
I'm not sure theres such a thing at all.. as most important art form. Perhaps in a particular context of a revolution or a temporary cultural movement - most contributing art forms could be identified but that would require immense in-depth analysis and would only be applicable to that context.

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Sorry ladies, do you really think you can get to know someone (i.e. Ruslan) in a forum likie this? Hardly. And really, why are women ripping on other women? Strong men are labeled as SUCESSFUL, VIRILE! Strong women are labeled as bitches. WTF, no wonder we can't get ahead!

hear hear :)

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If you are in love and compose a song so your feelings are transmitted to the listener by your music. Where is the love in between you play the last note and I hear the song the first time?

My feelings are not transmitted to the listener by my music,. at least not in a SEMANTIC way. Theres something much bigger going on with music which is a lot more universal . but also NOT SEMANTIC. i can write a song because of love and the listener will think its a song about nature. i can write a piece about swimming with dolphins last week, and the listener will think its a piece about my childhood. a lot of this is created in the mind of the listener and is not coming from my mind. Instrumental music intangibly inspires like an abstract painting, it does not directly communicate from person to person like a phone.

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So how do you objectively proove that love exists apart from measuring hormones or showing brain activities?

Bad example. Love is an internal phenomenon.. it only exists INSIDE the individual. Hence - to prove that it exists -- all u have to demonstrate is the INSIDES of the person and show how love manifests itself INSIDE HIM/HER.. when trying to prove that love exists we are not trying to prove that love exists OUTSIDE of the person. All we need is evidence that it exists INSIDE the person -- hence the brain scan is EHOUGH of an evidence.
Beauty, on the other hand, is supposedly an EXTERNAL phenomenon... the attempt is to prove that beauty objectively exists OUTSIDE the mind. Hence the picture of the mind/brain is not enough. It is also not a coincidence that these brain scans VARY from culture to culture, from generation to generation. Proving by that, that beauty is not objective and that the concept of beauty varies from culture to culture, from era to era, along with the respective brain scans.

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Som of your female fans on here kiss your ass way too much. Learn to think for yourself people. Just because you're a fan of his music doesn't mean you can't have a mind of your own.

you basically rule out the possibility that some people in the world, who happen to be my fans, could possibly not disagree with me for any other reason than kissing my ass? :)

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Not harsh, honest, entirely too easy for anonymous trolls to say whatever the fuck they want without consequence! Your friend should be able to say whatever she wants to you, or anyone else, WITHOUT being put down by bitches, thinking that having Confidence is cocky & egotistical! Fuck humble!!


My question why most people find Mozart beautiful was not meant as a proof for an objective esthetic value but was asking WHY most people find Mozart beautful. Also it may not be the case everywhere and for everyone he has an outstanding position. So why?

1.003 BILLION Africans - most of them dont find mozart beautiful, and have no reason to. At least another 500 Million Chinese people could care two shits about him as well :-) and many many many millions of other people on earth and even in the United States. So.. not sure about "most people" AAAT AALLL. Be careful with considering our western bubble to be most people. It is far from being true. and even within our bubble MOST PEOPLE do not like mozart or find his music beautiful. They like Led Zeppelin and find the Beatles beautiful, by much much much higher numbers than Mozart.
As for those who DO find his music beautiful, in this fraction of a moment in history (some mere few hundred years) --- who knows why they find it beautiful? :-) For the same reason people find Josh Groban's music beautiful.. for the same reason people find The Beatles beautiful. No one REALLY knows that reason.

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Is love an objective phenomenon? You can measure hormones or demonstrate brain activities in a big number of ppl to try to objectify its existence. You can do the same when it comes to beauty. Scroll down to brain pics.

Brain activity demonstrates an EXPERIENCE a person is having. THATS what the brain activity is an evidence of.. and not the OBJECTIVE CAUSE of this experience.
Examples: This brain activity is seen in the brains of French people when they listen to mozart, and not seen in the brains of Australian aboriginals when they listen to Mozart (mozart is just ONE example of hundreds). When you play "The Beatles" -- this brain activity is noticed in people who were born in the 50s and later, but NOT in the brains of people who were born in the 30s... What does this say about the "beauty" of mozart's music or the Beatles music? What does it say about the LOCATION of this beauty? How much credence do my examples give to your claim that this beauty lives OUTSIDE OF US? :-) How objective can we hold this beauty to be, if we have clear-as-day examples of humans who react and not react to the same "beauty" in the same time in history, not to mention in different historic periods.

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You said you would't leave your sick wife. But would you tell her you love and maybe meet another one?

While she is dealing with a deadly illness? I would probably have to find a way to re-establish our agreement in the first place, and not likely would I be able to fall in love with another person while seeing her decay in front of my very eyes.

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