Ask @RyanJansen:

What is your relationship status?

Single for way to long, it's about time to get girlfriend now but I'm very picky.

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Para: fkn miss ya brah, miss them days and what we did aha, you're still one of my main nigs hell chilled back, good sense of humour, funny kid, big boi need to see ya at the gym soon, catch up soon

Udom Alsina`
No shit kuzz next holiday coming il make time for you and we will go to a party like old days miss u brother x

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Post a selfie and see how many people think you attractive.

Only pic I got that's close to decent

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meaning of this? when you've pretty much broken up with a guy, he then calls you saying he wants to be with you, and that he wants me to be his but he then sends me a voicemail a few days later saying 'i dont know if were together, but if we are, theres things i definitely need to talk to you about?

Wow he seems like , he's not sure what he really wants , feel free to inbox me

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Any hot chicks in FF then?

It's like a beach in there! Haha so many birds

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u a virgin?

Nah I prefer Vodafone much better company tbh.

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Indianigger ;)

Chingy eyes little Asian ball

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Thoughts :)

Good looking , good to talk too , good style ! Miss talkin to her :(

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What gym do you go to?

Fitness first

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Did you go to cvc?

Never ever , graduated in Aotearoa

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Tbh: don't no you but I like your tattoo (:

Maddy Mulcahy.

Were you just in the city?

I don't know you, so I can't grade you, sorry :)


What are the things you want to avoid in a relationship?

This would be a perfect relationship.

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Post a selfie and whoever likes it thinks you decent looking.

probably won't even get any likes anon :/

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can i lick your pecks

can I lick your nipples then?

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have you done anal

not really keen on getting Nutella on my D

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Follow for a follow? :)

Paula kahu
Follow me and il follow you back :)

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Like = 3 likes and 3 questions?

Since I'm feeling nice , il do everyone's :)

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Your answers aren't funny

Do you have kik and snapchat?

Just snapchat wot even is kik?

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Thinking maybe I should give you a gobbie

Anytime pls insert your mouth here --->>> (----8 ;)

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thoughts :)

phoebe kefford
Doll , would bang :p

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Do you have a lot of respect for vegetarians?

Nup coz they don't eat sausages which means no gobs for me :(

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About Ryan Jansen:

Single | Perth | current at Australia institute of fitness.