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Not a question as such, just a message to say that I hope every one is holding up OK with everything going on, hope you're all safe and have everything you need to ride this out ✌🏻 💜

DovahMonah’s Profile PhotoDovahMonah
yes I'm okay thanks for asking! I'm pretty much stuck inside cos my job is closed for 2 weeks due to this virus! and same for you stay safe!

What are your thoughts on marijuana, both recreational and medicinal?

Tiffany Munroe
Well i know medical cannabis can help people with very certain conditions/illnesses so i guess that's fine, recreational can be good also for revenue and is a big business here in certain states that have it fully legalized it helps the economy, idc if its legal or not though tbh just cause i feel like it will be legal nationwide eventually so i guess we will see what happens,


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