what is your opinion on the top schools in cali? for example, ucsd, ucla, ucb, etc.

I don't mind semester schools such as private schools/ UCB. I have a problem with the other UC's though. The quarter system I dislike. Also, professors don't seem to really give a shit when there's hundreds per class. They are there mainly to research and just read off slides in class 95% of the time i was at UCLA.
Do not go to a school because it is the "best" one you got into. Go to the one that fits you the best. UC San Diego or UC Santa Barbara, even UC Santa Cruz... I would've enjoyed my time better in those schools..

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Yo man, i was wondering if you can give me the run down of how you graduated so fast, like from finishing highschool to graduating with a degree and shit?

you skip 2 years if you get the useless G.E.'s out of the way first by doing AP classes/ community college concurrently in high school. That also makes you look a lot better for college entrances

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Is falcon's dash attack basically useless or at the least decently okay? I've been using it for tech chases at mid/high percents but feel like it's just a gimmicky move to use in almost every situation possible

not bad for the reasons you listed. it's relative unuse catches people off guard and sometimes dash attack jab reset is a real thing

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Why don't you come to an European major soon? You can team with Jeapie and rek everyone else. If Jeapie was willing to come to the US just to play then you should do the same

I do want to go, but It's not that simple. Jeapie is sponsored and that particular tournament was funded by donations. I can't just magically go because I feel like it
Also, some dumb logic in the last part of what you said but w.e

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