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hey I saw your ask your ans are amazing yess you are very beautiful and pretty and your nature seems to be awsome too

go away vincent

tbh omg so I heard you know vincent and omg tell him I said hi next time you see him because I love him too but anyways I miss you like crazy! You were my life in sixth grade and you have to promise to snapchat me more so we can catch up((: You're such a cute and sweet person and I love you forever

abeecastillo’s Profile Photoabby castillo
abbeeee you made my day!! Ilysm and we do needa catch up. And sixth grade was so great with u except mrs Becker ew. I MISS YOU COME VISIT US!!
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Tbh|| I don't know you too well, but I've seen you in the halls, and you're really really pretty like woah.

wthhh ur so pretty like I cry


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