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It's almost like a relationship question, but can SCS pets be mates with adopts that aren't from SCS but of course, not breed?

You are correct, SCS pets can be mates with non-SCS pets and just not be able to breed.
Only SCS pets may breed with other SCS pets; if you see anyone trying to breed their SCS animal anywhere but the SCS nursery, it'd be best to let us know so we can notify the user :" > Thanks for asking the question, its a good one!

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I'm curious how the special adopts (#50, #100 etc) are decided? And when are they decided? If that makes any sense at all.

"Diamond Sapphire"
All of the staff gets together to toss out ideas for special adopts when it gets close to their number. Typically, once we decide on what we should do we just toss it around until someone decides that they want to do it. I try to make sure all of our artists get the chance to do one. - Neah

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i haven't seen anyone ask any questions yet so I'd thought I'd ask something. will there ever be a limit on how many adopts you can own?

I don't believe I'll even enact a limit on ownership because these are just cats and dogs, not a species. Anything you cant get from here you can make yourself or go elsewhere. The appeal here is the community so I trust that you guys will police yourselves to some extent, and not take every single adopt. -Neah

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