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i think it's risky if they try to do it.. the 3 main religion in the country catholic christian muslim will be united & cause rally & disruption divisive in our country & instability. govt services will be affected. it will just cause another hatred to our community.they will say bat nila pinipilit?

Sorry pero nawala ako. Kadugtong ba to ng same sex marriage question? Ok, if it is:
This is THe problem. Same sex unions do NOT have anything to do with religion. But that's the argument they always push down our throats. Tayo naman pag nakarinig ng religion, nawawalan na agad ng tapang. Everyone, as in every single person within the LGBT community, has to know, as in REALLY REALLY KNOW, in our minds & in our hearts & in our whole being, that our unions & our rights DO NOT HAVE ANYTHING TO DO WITH ANY RELIGION. Unless we all realize that, we will not get what we need...we will never win. And that's not an option.

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do you believe this is the time for ssm to be legalized. for me i don't think so. i don't think filipinos are ready to accept it. and besides even if the president is powerful he cant do it wout the support of majority eventho he has the capacity or the willpower

Regardless if people in general are ready or not, we are talking about basic human rights not being provided to LGBT people. That doesn't need any readiness from anyone simply because it's basic human rights. There is too much weight being put on the word "marriage". Catholics think they have sole ownership of the word. They most certainly do not. A "marriage" is a state of being UNITED with someone consensually & contractually whereby a "married" status is effected. It does not necessarily involve a church or a priest. This is what most people don't understand. And because even people within the LGBT communities don't fully understand this, people against such unions use it to widen that gap between us by letting us think it's premature, or that it's not natural, or for whatever reason they can think of. People within the LGBT communities should be crystal clear on this so people against us cannot use our own ignorances against us.

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Bakit hindi ka na masyadong nagpopost sa twitter? Madalang na nga tapos parang nagrarant ka lang. :(

Pasensha na kasi sobrang busy ako lately dahil sa pag punta-punta ko sa doctor & managing different things. I'm in the middle of putting a lot of personal stuff in order kasi. But thank you for asking. Actually I made a twitter account intentionally for ranting purposes lang pero later on kasi may mga naging magagandang convo na nasalihan ko kaya medyo naiba na yung purpose. Will try to post more non-rants soon. Thanks!

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