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I remember I had walked home that day
Content with all my misery
Told my self it'd get better, no clue what there was next to me
Remember there was people, walkin', talkin' in the distance
I was dressed for winter weather
But the summer rays were kissing me
I, I was lost
And there he was, his presence was alarming
As he approaches casual, we talk 'bout self-harming
He told me "kid, you shouldn't be walkin' on your own"
He smiled and laughed, and pat my back
He asked, "how far are you from home?"
I said, "maybe 30 minutes"
His frequency distorted quick, I seen it in his image
I should've run right fucking there, I-
You ever woke up on a train track
With no motherfuckin' clothes on?
Death before your eyes, you prayin' to God, but ain't no response.

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I remember I had walked home that day
Content with all my misery
Told my self

How is everyone doing.. ✨

palwashaaabilal’s Profile PhotoSyeda Palwasha Bilal
I'm in the Spyder Porsche cruising down the street
Black on black venom colored seats
Keanu Reeves, the way a nigga speed
Diamond cross hanging off of me
I'm fighting for my soul, Constantine
And it's slowly burning, it was never cheap
If you see what I seen, you wouldn't sleep
I can't sleep
Cause I got everything I wanted
Got the money, got the cars, got the ceiling with the stars
Got everything I wanted
But I'd be nothing without you
Gave you everything you wanted
Gave you power, gave you life, gave you space so you can shine
Gave you everything you wanted
But none of that matters to you.

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How is everyone doing