Ask @SSF1991:

"SEGA isn't being shady" huh? You believe that SEGA is being front? All SEGA has to do to please the fanbase is ANNOUNCE THE NEXT GAME. That's all they gotta do. We don't need these damn clues that lead; no false hype; no obviously desperate PR memes.

If by "pleasing the fanbase" you mean "pleasing you", then I'd be inclined to agree with you. Not to mention there has been no "false hype". And just how are they "obviously desperate"? Because you don't like them?
Jesus Christ, the amount of impatience people have over a video game is ridiculous.

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I've noticed I don't really get along with other Sonic fans, so I've tried getting into fandoms of other series I've liked, but then I realized I don't seem to get along with anyone, and I think I just don't fit in with any fandom or community. Any advice, Donnie?

Just don't be an ass and don't let anyone get to you. I felt pretty isolated myself in my early days on the community, but as time passed I encountered friends and began to fit in.

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But Rosalina a peach clone though and she is still a great character objectively. She still is the same as she was in Galaxy 1. No reason to not like her.

No, she really isn't the same. Her entire personality and backstory are gone. She behaves literally the exact same way as peach now.
She was a great character in the Galaxy games, but since then Nintendo just lost all care about the character development they gave her.

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