Ask @SSaskie:

Why do people loose their interest?

In czech republic we have a saying "Repeated joke is not a joke"
I guess it gets repetitive, it gets old and if you're eating a sandwich every day for some time (like a year), i guarantee you, you WILL fucking hate it. (happened to me after like a week and i had to continue eating it for 10 months)
If you do something too much, you get feeling kinda like "it's too much"

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Do you pefer to live alone or with someone?

Well I can't really say. I've always lived with someone. Up until high school it was parents and my brothers, In high school i had 2 roommates, then family again, for 10 months in england with families that i worked for, now i'm at parents' house again and when (if) i move out at the end of the month, I'll have roommates again, so...
Living with someone is cheaper.
If i lived alone i would have to do everything, ya know, go shopping in order to not starve, wash everything, cook, go out to socialize... I think living with someone is easier, if you have the right people living with you, then it's just fine

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