Ask @SSaskie:

I would think you'd wany a big family since you have a lot of siblings

I have just 2 siblings. And i'm asexual. (Not exactly but it's easier to understand)
And i'm an au pair, when i see how kids can behave and how spoiled they are...
I used to want kids, adopter or something but, i don't want kids anymore. Too much trouble, money and i don't have the patience for those brats

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Best memory/ talking on the phone or the movies

I would like more detailed questions, because this is just a bit of a mess. I don't really know what do you expect xD
I don't like talking on the phone. It makes me feel emotionaly sick afterwards.
The movies... eh, my favourite movie is Wreck it Ralph.
Gorgeous animation, awesome story and good humor :3
When i first watched it it really kept me excited all the way from the start till the end. (and after 60+ rewatching, it is still as good as ever)
hmmmmm... my 'best memory'
I have the feeling i've already answered something like this.
I don't think i have one favourite memory. there are bits and pieces that i really loved in my life.
but that answer would be too long. maybe.
If you're really interested, then ask again ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
i'll give you a list

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Ahoj, prosím tě šla by opravit nefunkčnost blogu? :D Tak nějak jsem uvízla v půlce úžasný mangy, kterou nemůžu jinde sehnat :'D Děkuji za odpověď :D

ヅ..ღ Lolly ღ.. ヅ
Nefunkčnost nebo neaktivita? S nefunkčností asi nepomůžu xD asi kontaktuj podporu xD
Neaktivita.. záleží na manze kterou hledáš a na člověku který vlastní onen blog. xD
Mluvíme obecně nebo se jedná o můj blog? xD
Já osobně jsem nebyla schopná překládat kvůli neschopnosti počítače připojit se k internetu. (což je teď napraveno, tak možná bych se mohla do něčeho zas pustit)

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There are two ambitions you can make up and they will be fulfilled. What do you choose?

ambitions, you mean like superpowers? for me? for everyone? Or just 2 things that'll become reality?
Eh I'd like to create stuff I want with single thought (money, food, space ships, teleport, whatever). And 2. would be maybe reading minds.
For the second option, what about some decency for all the people? (ala nothing like bullying/homophobia/racism/shit like that)
and second thing... what about something that would sort out global warming? polution?

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For what will you remember today?

The day i got a good nap.
The day that i finally got to use my bank account to pay for my travel.
The day i had to change my traveling plans and re-reserve my ticket because i didn't want to cause trouble for people.
The day i was feeling really sick because of something i ate (for the first time)
The day i've finished my drawing challenge notebook.

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