what would you wear to an interview for an internship?

Well I'd most likely be applying to a design internship personally so I'd wear what I normally do which is black jeans, a tshirt and a leather or bomber jacket if its cold. If this is a more corporate/office-y type of internship, then I'd go for loose fitting trousers (like easy cropped legged and a simple elastic waistband) and a white or black loose silk blouse and comfy flats! Good luck on your interview!!!

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may i know where is your eyeball necklace from?

denise, do you know of any blogs that are based in taiwan? i know you're more about shanghai/hong kong but i feel like you've been in taiwan in the past and i was just hoping you could help me out. i might be moving there soon and i'd love to meet some fellow bloggers or something :)

hi! actually i'm not familiar with any fashion blogs from taiwan..let me know if you find any!! sorry!!

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What's your typical day like? :)

Wake up anytime between 9-10.30am (okay more like 11am sometimes but who's keeping track right?) then walk and feed Sumo. Sometimes Sumo and I will snuggle together on the sofa first while I check instagram and some emails before starting our day. Then all morning and early afternoon will be spent tending to emails, work, blogs, pinterest, gchatting with my sister etc then finally around 5pm I'll start to get dinner ready for Jason! We usually have early dinners around 6.30/7 then chill together or watch some movies/tv shows before heading into the bedroom to shower and get ready for bed! Sounds really boring now that I have to write it all out.....

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who are some of your favorite bloggers? :)

I subscribe to SO many TOO many blogs on feedly. Fashion, lifestyle, food, mommy blogs, friends and more. Seriously TOO many but some of my daily must reads are Park and Cube, Andy Heart, HonestlyWTF, Note to self, Stopitrightnow, and of course my friends and family,, and

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Was it difficult to adjust to living in Shanghai vs. HK?

Not really! Shanghai is very much like HK in that it's very city and business focused although there are still plenty pockets of super old traditional China stuff and people. Lucky for me, I had 8 years of mandarin lessons when I was younger (although I had forgotten 90% of it) but the longer I stay here, the more my Mandarin starts resurfacing from my innerbrainz and has def. improved a whole lot.

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Did you go to international school for high school? I'm from Singapore and am moving to HK next year with my dad who's been offered a job there. I went to local school in SG and did just fine, are HK international schools good?

Yeah I went to international school for high school (KGV). It's hard to say whether which one is "good" or "bad" as it really depends on the school and on yourself and also I've never been to local school so I can't compare!. All I can say is that I loved going to my school!

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Hi Denise! I was randomly googling about HK as I'll be heading there for holiday soon and i just chanced upon your blog. Read through some of your blogpost and scroll through your IG. Just want to say I love how confident you're in your dressing styles :)

Oh thanks so much!!!! Hope you have fun in HK :) Remember it's quite warm outdoors (even in winter) but you'll definitely a sweater or scarf for the freezing indoors!

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