Would it be a good idea to also minor in psychology, just because i also would like to try to incorporate art therapy as well. If there are any suggestions, that would help too

As we too are also students, we can't give advising advice, but I do have a few great suggestions! Dr. Clements, who will be returning for the fall semester, is a great resource because she is very much interested and involved in art therapy. In addition, talking to your adviser to find out how many credits the minor requires, and how many free spaces your educational plan has in it. Also, your adviser can offer great advise as to what the best choice would be in regards to Art Therapy. If you need an email address for a professor, just submit another question, and I would be more than happy to provide that for you. SWO President- Kathleen

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...seriously, what is up with certain professors not grading on time! GAH!

Unfortunately, we do not have control of what the professors choose to do. For better feedback try emailing your professor. If you need the email address please submit another question with the name of the professor. Sorry for the inconvenience! -SWO President-Kathleen

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