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|| sρα©є

The space between two parallel lines is merciless. With all the commitment and courage to be together and move along the same path they can never be one.
They are too Muslim to hug. They are too Hindu to shake hands 🙏.
The space between the two parallel lines is another story of two lovers whom can never unite.

Imagine, a stranger is tasked with summarising the kind of person you're. But the info they've on you is a video footage going about your most recent week. Based on the tapes alone, what opinion would they form about you?

paradiseeve5’s Profile PhotoDuaa.
I understand how medical students are trained through the random and hypothetical scenarios to track down the causes of a disease..
How they are introduced to the wierd and complex symptoms to gain experience, to relieve the sufferings of the patient.
This is all done for a reason, A good cause, A brilliant skill.
Hope you understand 😂

Do we fall in love one day?

We fall when we overlook the hurdles in the path, when we fail to notice the obstacles lying in the way.
Falling is when you loose control or balance and move down from a Higher place to a LOWER position without knowing the consequences.
You fall when you trip, you fall when you slip, it's an act of collapsing.

It's true, you can plan to jump down or jump off a cliff but falling is something totally unplanned.
I can't say we "FALL" in love just because it is unplanned.
Love is being careful, being responsible, being vigilant, it's like Mountaineering Peaks, it's like climbing the trees, we rise in Love!

What is your most common reason you might not respond to someones message assuming its respectful? •bad at replying in general •don't like talking through texts •still get creepy vibes •simply forgot •shy and socially anxious •uninterested •Others (?)

paradiseeve5’s Profile PhotoDuaa.
It's not about answering or ignoring a particular message.
Your answer portray the school of thought.
All of the suggested reasons succumb when you decide not to answer.
Not replying to someone is the loudest answer.

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Post Anything ✨🧚🏻‍♀️

To the girl, prefer her solitude,
Look what's again on altitude,
No worries, it's often, its usual with her attitude.
Most prior among her habitude.
No doubt to her ignoring aptitude.
The Wild, the stubborn, no number to her finitude.
Well aware to seek all gratitude.
Fan following, outnumbering multitude.
I see her enduring fortitude.
I feel like offering servitude.
Be scared of being ridiculed.
Would read her till her senectitude.
I love her being unitude.

Deep thoughts?

You fell, you yell.
A scary dream make you scream.
You get burn while you fry, start weeping and you cry.
A headache, stomachache or fever, you start exclaiming getting shiver.
Death is the pain you can never explain.
It's the infinite extreme you can't react to.
It's the tolerance out of criteria.
Permanent sleep, endless dreaming.You can't wake up this time screaming!


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