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Thoughts on "LATE REPLIERS" #staif

Well late replies are just late replies, what about them?
Aik to yai RELATABLE posts nai larkio ka damagh Kharab Kia hua hai, itni aqal Mandi say itni koi bachpana baat ker dete hain jo reality say Shadeed door hoti hai "no one is busy Bla Bla bla".
Aray bhae it's very simple people do change with time but not always in a bad way, maybe he's busy to give a better future instead of just a timely reply? Maybe he's not the teenager who used to be on his all the time and is trying to achieve something for the both of you, eh?
Aur agar itni hi insecurity hai to bibi chor do miss kerao, Lakin ni Pata bhi hai k cheat ker Raha hai Lakin kyun k ab Inko Adat hoti gae hai us particular Bandai ki jis Adat ko humari adhi awam "Love" k naam say janti hai to larna bhi k banda koi bhi illogical reason dai kai Ro dho k mana lai aur inki ego satisfy ho jae aur yai apnai farzi pyar k peechai Chup k Khud ko Bewakoof banaen aur maan jae.

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Life's unfair?

Ahmed Khan
Astaghfar perho.
It's unfair only if you don't believe in life after death. Phir sahi hai Phir it's unfair otherwise it's a test.
it tests people in different ways.
Even wealth can be a test and the same goes for poverty.
How we react in these situations will determine the outcome and everyone will be judge, blessed/punished according to their actions that too quite fairly.
Our sufferings will be converted into blessings, if we go through them patiently since "innallaha ma-as- sabireen" and if we fail to act properly and turn to evil to achieve the luxury of this world then we'll be punished accordingly.
One can never be satisfied in this world even if they seemingly have everything, the ultimate place to fulfill our desires is jannah and for that we have to go through all these ordeals patiently while believing in Might of Allah.

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