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Your thoughts about love

Let me tell you a fun fact about me my ask was dead I got funnier more confident more skillful after my break up even though 6 months my grades from 75 to 50 percent and I was hospitalized for one month ( not suicide itna bewakoof nahi bas stopped thinking what I'm gonna do stressed a lot lol) . If you make yourself better after break up then good if you gonna cry One of my best friends @DanyalJaved never judged me and make me back what i was before 2011 because mera scene kafi lamba tha I was almost ready to get married but things happened Ek tu bc harh jagha rishtadaar ko kun logh pasand aya jata hai . Even tho fun fact that guy knows me as well lol Ps : It was never my cousin

Something Poetic! 🥀

Egoistic_101’s Profile Photoꜱᴀᴍᴀʀᴀ
Head over heels for you, maybe
aint seen a woman like you mi lady
Tareeki main jaisay tu noor baby
When I caress your body with me
While having strawberries thats cheeky
I’ll take you down, down on your knees
Itna main matlabi hi sahi
Teri khushi ab meri khushi
Tu jadoo karey jaisay ecstasy
You got me going, going crazy
chah kay bhi dil na main morun kabhi

Imagine Pakistan is hosting fifa.. sochoo Kya manzar hogaa 😍 Kashh hum b financially itne stable hote.. itne ache hote above all itne imandaar hote just like Qatar 🇶🇦

Sania_Zahid’s Profile PhotoSania Zahid
Football is not our game we need at least 60 years of development just to qualify for the fifa world cup harh sports ap ka liya nahi hai xD. We didn't qualify for the second round for like 20 years of the main qualifying tu khel liya it will go down in history .


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