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The object that's on your right side will save the world. What is it?

A mason Jar filled with Albanese's Sour 12 Flavor Gummi Bears?

Are there any online video series or youtube channels you like to watch?

Oneyplays (and fan animations), Redlettermedia (best of the worst mostly, but I fell in love with the channel for the Plinkett reviews), Jimquisition, Jaltoid / lazycast, supermega, either of the channels for Small-Butera, bixmatan / pigmhall, cooking with dog, friendlyjordies, game duck, hertzdevil, unkle Joe, John tron, Broteam / Kieththefirewizard, retsupurae.
A lot of dead channels / series I wish still upload like sleepyninjatoast, motdef, and dogtime.
Many more Niconico reuploading channels.
Looking at my subscription list, like more than 3/4 are deleted channels, thanks youtube.

What or who motivates you to get out of bed every morning?

Nothing does - I work night shift, getting up in the afternoon is my life.

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