Are there any online video series or youtube channels you like to watch?

Oneyplays (and fan animations), Redlettermedia (best of the worst mostly, but I fell in love with the channel for the Plinkett reviews), Jimquisition, Jaltoid / lazycast, supermega, either of the channels for Small-Butera, bixmatan / pigmhall, cooking with dog, friendlyjordies, game duck, hertzdevil, unkle Joe, John tron, Broteam / Kieththefirewizard, retsupurae.
A lot of dead channels / series I wish still upload like sleepyninjatoast, motdef, and dogtime.
Many more Niconico reuploading channels.
Looking at my subscription list, like more than 3/4 are deleted channels, thanks youtube.

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