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Teri awaz my jo raaz hain un ki hi shararat hogi
Ye jo guftugu k andaaz hain un ki hi hararat hogi
K teri soch my fana rahun, bawajood apni soorat k
Tera akas my bana rahun
Khuwaish my deedar ki dewaar se laga rahun
Tu kis ghari pukaar ley my raat bhar jaga rahun
Ye wabstagi ye fareftagi
Hayee!! ye meri tishnigi
Galat nhi ha jo naseh, aaid ye ilzaam kar rahay hain
Laga k aag mehkadon ko
hm tjhy jaam kr rahay hain.

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Happy birthday to you. May this text reaches you. Whatever you did or doing doesn't concern me anymore. I have been the most consistent person in your life(may be). I have and will ignore your each and every mistake and always make you smile with whatever i can. When you ll be tired of this world and ll crave a place for peace of your soul come to me i ll greet you with open arms. I pray to God, you may get every success in this world, never be the cause of tears in someone's eyes. Be a positive, helping hand to everyone. Ameen. Happy birthday again. Stay happy and LOVED.. ❤

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