Ask @Saffanhyder:

Your favourite poetry lines?

Attaining joy amidst gloom was my only worldly quest
I came across many who had minds full of love and zest
In this world of appraisals, I never wished to be the best.
Some considered my mission divine, some labeled it jest
Fate played a million games and the games put me to test
I went on unceasingly, I went on without a moment’s rest
The mundane fails and the remarkable triumphs with fest
As all mountaineers of fate are destined to reach the crest
©Jalees Hyder

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Here's wishing you the happiest, most blessed and most memorable birthday ever. May you recall this day to be your best one ever. Such a blessed soul you are that it's Eid and all the people of the universe and drowned in joy. May you never know pain and may happiness be your everlasting companion. Stay bladed and happy forever. Love you! I wish you'd know the real me. Anyway. Happy Birthday!

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--universal quest-- Do you have a kind soul , who believes in everything you say ? (quotedsayings)(sponsored)

Do you know everything is meant to be kind and the same way it shatters. Unfortunately, it varies from one person to another. Despite peoples who are aware of it, Indeed, they tackle the hardships without existing fear in 'em. Perception a great comes here and remains distinct.

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Listen shireen is a friend and I'm sorry but she ain't interested in you. Kindly stop bothering her please.

Do ya have any kinda animosity with me/us? Isn't this ridiculous you be like talking 'bout her deliberately all the time?
What surprises ya is to crave the company of us, no? Why the hell are ya being a bone in a grill. You don't even exist in our Universe!
We are united, we are real admirers!

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