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Will you marry/have relationship with a woman who is raped ?

-If I was a boy, I would NEVER have any issue. Same goes for me as a girl for opposite gender. Cause if we really think deep about it...DOES IT REALLY MATTER? NO. unless the person has a beautiful heart.

If someone you care for so much doesn’t return that care and walking away isn’t an option what would you do?

faizantariq1700’s Profile PhotoFaizan Tariq
-I really hope that walking away is never an option when you really care about that idiot... Because once you see the option, you use it regardless your care for that someone...Well anyway, I WOULD KEEP CARING FOR THAT PERSON CAUSE ITS ME. I won't change. Keep caring and your care ll annoy them...hisaab barabar.

@Huvaida brought my parents in the middle of argument whereas I was only giving her a Shut up call for her personal comments. I told her not to talk about parents but again she did. She deleted the thread & now she's keeping first answer on her wall; & tells people I abused whereas she did too. Liar

OneFinalTime_Maybe’s Profile PhotoAhmed Imran Hashmi
-IDK what actually happened BUT speaking ill against one's parents is never justified at any platform. NEVER.


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