Ask @Sajedene:

Hi ate saj, can u ask the boyz on how soundproof was the booth, and ganda ng performance ng DC!! i think i have a new favorite team now!! GO DC!! ROAD TO TI6!!!

Jar Marzo
Thank you! from what I've gathered is that it's pretty good but you can't help but hear/feel the roar of the crowd. That's always been a thing though...can't help the hype.

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Has there ever been a Filipino TV show that you liked? Also what's your opinion on them now? Lastly, can you please tell Moo he's super cool and that I wish nothing but the best for him? Thank You

I found most if not all of them corny/cringy but honestly that's also why I love it. Always a big fan of Maalaala Mo Kaya and the crazy dramas.

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Will you return to What the Duck / make more videos like "Whats in my bag manager edition"? Youre super great at explaining life in the esports scene

Ah! Thank you! I am happy to make content when I find free time which isn't that often right now but I'm glad you like it. As for WTD I'm happy to be on when they want me but it also depends on my schedule with the team.

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