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you're so perfect. you're the kind of girl to be with, I'd never fuck around. if I've someone as perfect as you, I'd never need anyone else. you're the kind of girl who could make a guy remain loyal and that's something big in today's world. stay beautiful and blessed. ❤ ❤ Love ❤

Bhai, Diabetes ho jayegi. 🙈
Though it's an epidemic on 💁

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Rohit Sharma
Rohit. 💋
Finally, I am giving views on you. 😂
I know. Sorry I'm late. 🙈
Firstly, Thanks a ton for making me smile in every hour. :")
The efforts you take to make a curve on my face. Is just a way to adorable. ♥
Baby, You are cute afafafafaf. (More cute than him, Okay?) 💁
We have a long to go ahead. ♡
Cause you ain't gonna atop irritating me. 🙈
Ass. Go, Learn some Marathi! 😂
God. You are slim to the core.
I mean seriously, I'm jealous. 🔫
Haha! Right from the Morning text till Goodnight ones are just soo adorable. :")
Cause baby, You are like my forever one. 🎈
We need to click some pichas, remember when we meet next time. ♥
Coffee date with you is just soo Perfect. 🎀
Meet me soonest. ♡
Stay blessed. 💃
Love you yaa. 💞

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Omg you are so fucking stunning😍😍you are truly adorable and gorgeous as fuck🔥 you seem to be very kind and with a good heart❤️❤️I would love to talk with you and meet you bae💞I wanna describe you even more but this fucking gives only 300 words which are not enough😘where can we talk?❤️❤️

Comeoff yaa?

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Do you believe in Love at First sight? I never used to believe but from the moment I came across your profile, I swear I'm going mad. I mean I'm reading your answers, looking at your pics and I'm just smiling. You're soooooo Gorgeous I swear, I'd do anything to be your guy 💋 I truly admire you. 😍

Comeoff Please? :")

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