Ask @Sakshi_Mistry:

you're so perfect. you're the kind of girl to be with, I'd never fuck around. if I've someone as perfect as you, I'd never need anyone else. you're the kind of girl who could make a guy remain loyal and that's something big in today's world. stay beautiful and blessed. ❤ ❤ Love ❤

Bhai, Diabetes ho jayegi. 🙈
Though it's an epidemic on 💁

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lst year btch of 10 std were mf.. .. I jst feel pity on u juniors.... hw mch rude dey r... dnt noe hw u tolerate dem...

Excuse Me, Kindly, FUCK OFF
And If You Are Talking About This Batch!
Then You Dont Noe Anything About Them! Get That?
Please Get A Life Anon :)
We Are Blessed To Be Their Juniors! :")

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