Ask @Sakshi_Mistry:

I love to see you everytime. we dont know each othet but i stalk your profile everyday yes, everyday. now a days you have not being answering any ques.. i think preparing for boards haa? Best of luck cutu♥ i know you will score best of you.. i have started crushing one you since day one. Love you xx

Boards? Yeah. Everyone is uninstalling Whatsapp from their phone and here I am creating accounts on as many social networking sites possible! 💁

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You seem to be cute♥♥ and sweet would love to know you better♥♥You have amazing dressing sense♥your dp is beautiful♥♥I would like to know you in better way♥you are too cute and sweet as sugar♥you are the prettiest girl in this whole universe♥♥ stay the same cute pie btw you are angel in real life♥♥♥


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if i was your bf, i would hug u from behind and whisper in your ears "i love u" everytime..we'll be going on long walk, ice cream dates pizza movie... we'll be going for long drives. i won't break your trust ever. and I'll be loyal and faithful to you forever❤ you'll be getting surprises every week

Okay Bro! 💁

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