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You let your friend touch your butt because you ran over his foot?

It's a really long, albeit hysterical, story.
So one day my best friend Ginny (a girl) asked if she could touch my butt when we were walking to lunch. I said yes because I love her. Logan then asked if he could touch my butt (he thinks he's funny) and I told him no. (Double standard, I know).
A few days later as we were going to lunch I drove over his foot with my fucking car. I felt awful. I ran over my friends foot with a fucking vehicle. I then, in a desperate attempt to make him not hate me, offered a one time butt touch.
This past week he used his butt touch with the phrase "I feel really rapey right now". I love Logan, and the butt touch was in no way sexual. We are a group of super great friends and the entire situation was awkward and extremely funny.
So yes.

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