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Hi Salem! Its James! Your turn! Random question! If u had the power to transform me into a newspaper that magically turned into the current edition of the newspaper each morning, what would you do? And if you DID use your power, what would a typical day be like for me with you as your newspaper? =P

James Kent
TIME magazine! They always have interesting articles. I would read you, I don’t use paper as any attack mechanism, insect weapon, or any of the.. other things people could be using it for inthis day and age.

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S! What is so special about this girl Selena Gomez? U'r welcome 2 do and say whatever u want however; supporting a liar is dumb. Please do me a favor. Don't remove ur lovely pictures that u posted. See ya' pretty.

Alicia C + Jenni
Selena is a famous singer and she has some amazing music. I don’t listen to her often but her voice blesses my ears when I do. I’m not supporting a liar, btw. Never have never will. I’m just being cautious in case of parents, sorry.

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You know, being rude to people makes you no better then other who are rude. Just something you should think about.

Keira Knighley
Something you should think about is if your going to insult me and accuse me of things I never did, ( I would never go as low as YOU, honey bun😉) then you can stop nagging me and get the fuck off my account please and thank you. Have a nice life, sweetheart. This is what you get for messing with me.

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I just bought a ukulele that I want to learn how to play. What advice would you have for me?

Haha you came to the right person. If you would need chords once you figure them out, I would use they are amazing. They have tips, chords, discussions, and levels from beginner to expert. (I’m on the expert, I can use almost all chords but E will always be a struggle for anyone. I recently learned guitar gently weeps by jake shimbakuro) another thing to learn is picking. It is essential to learn gcea, the string pattern. Get a tuner, a capo for certain songs, and a case if you want to travel with it. Learn grace vanderwaal or dodie. They always have simple chords. Start off easy, don’t practice too terribly long, and if your fingers get red and hurt, don’t panic, it will happen. Don’t push it once hey get to that point, you don’t want bloody fingers. That doesn’t cause healing or calluses, only pain and no gain.

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