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So, my dad has a girlfriend, she is funny and pretty cool for the most part, honestly we treat each other as step brother/sister. She is 27 but acts like 12 sometimes. I am not sure how I would feel if they get married and have a 👶 baby. Should I discourage them from it?

You can voice your opinion, and they might be able to weigh that and put it in their consideration, but it’s up to them as to if they do so. Tell them how you feel. They don’t know unless you ask! I hope this helps.❤️

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so dam cute

Thanks. Today I had a dare of kissing my friend on the cheek and I was trying so hard not to laugh when they took the picture. He looks so disinterested and I was obout to explode from not laughing. It was so funny. My hair was a mess cuz torrie was ruffling it and I was sleeping on keely after having a panic attack and when I panic she plays with my hair while I just lay my head in her chest, and play with her hair and legit sit on her lap like a baby. It’s the only way for me to calm down, and I almost passed out from hyperventilating today.

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