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What are the perks of being a Pakistani?

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>No matter how ugly you are, your prettiest cousin is booked for you.
>No matter what time of the day it might be, you shall always be offered tea on any visit, anywhere.
>We enjoy 4 seasons! So Desi style during summers and western in winters, we rock all the way.
>We can eat with relish Biryani, Qorma, Paye, Tikkay... and yumm... *_*.... ANYTIME! No restaurants needed! Pakistani mums are the best desi chefs!
>No matter how deteriorating country's condition might go, only a cricket match can brighten up our spirits!
>Pakistani ladies are the most beautiful creations of God, in the world.
>we can get a highest rank job, just on one call by some high profile lad.
>we can abuse any ruthless/racist Angraiz with our Punjabi gaaliyan, without even letting them know!
>We witness innocent people dying everyday! With utmost danger being posed on our lives, we leave our homes daily for work and education! THAT'S THE SPIRIT NOBODY ELSE POSSESS!
>Despite of all the hardships we suffer, our courage envelopes our souls.
>Mothers offer their beloved child for the defence of our country, this valour is pure Pakistani!
Whatever comes by, the hope, the strength and the effort remain consistent! This is what being a Pakistani teaches all of us. No matter what, Pakistan Zindabad!
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