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OH WOW, DAS POO. im just here, sleepy and tired, trying to study for chem, which is not working out due to compare and contrast. i suck at that. LOL. everything all good with you, fella?

Chemistry has been pretty chill so far in my school :3.
Mhm, everything has been alright with me lately. I've been making poems again xD. I made another one for Chutney, which I gave to her, and I submitted one I previously made to a Teen Poetry website and it received an Editor's Choice Award <3
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OHHH makes sense. AS LONG AS NO ONE'S HURT. dude, i've missed ya! i havent seen you on elias' stream. ):

Some1 might get hurt ;). Missed you as well miss julie, eli streams when im in league games or sleeping lmao
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that's gr8! school sucks for me bc of my grades (one c D:), and i basically have no friends

Besides that C, what are your grades like :o.
You have no friends that go to your school? Whaat, I hope you make some then
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CONGRATS ON RANK! how is school fun? :o

Thanks bb :3, school has been fun because I reunited with an old best friend, saw some old interests and met new ones, saw Chutney, etc. :)
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im okay, but my legs got eaten by mosquitos. so like i dont think i will ever be able to wear shorts and SKIRTS (ERMERGERD) ever again. ): what about you? :D

I've been good :D, school has actually been *dramatic pause* *gasp* fun. I recently went from bronze to silver btw :D
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I CAN GET PICS. FOR SOME REASON, I CANT RECEIVE CERTAIN PICS THAT YOU SAVED FROM SOMEWHERE ELSE AND THEN SEND TO ME. so basically, i can receive pics that you actually take from your phone. usually, i can receive pics that you saved from the internet.

Well that makes sense lol. Good to know, now i can send da nudes
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