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Koi dil ki baat....💕💕💕

hamza akhtar rajput
Dil ki baat:
Tomorrow might be the place we want to stay forever
Where we make love to our thoughts
With only words and an intimate touch
A handhold or a cheek-peck
I would nibble on your words tomorrow
And wear you around like an antique on my arm
Where tomorrow, there is love
Where tomorrow, we finally hug
It’s tomorrow; god forbid any harm done less
It’s all 10 out of 10
Because how you define it is pure uncertainty
Would I be holding a hand of that but yours?
Would you fall asleep soundly in that but me?
Why did we braid morning thoughts and restless nights into tomorrow?
Maybe today could have saved us
Maybe tomorrow is the place where we’re meant to stay,
And tomorrow is the day we are living for,
Maybe, just maybe our luck will come undone
And then we remain in tomorrow,
Make love to our thoughts again
There’s a storm now,
I’ll just brush these thoughts under the rug,
Maybe tomorrow

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So it's a rainy day, put some art on the table.

Zachariah Bangash
Desire consumes me and I get lost in an array of your words that I can still hear,
Warm against my ear,
All over my skin
Descending away like vapour off of a cold glass on this humid summer morning
Soothingly makes its way to places I did not know exist, in a jolt-
How this heart beats a cry every time it palpitates
Banging on the door or is that supposed to be my heart against my chest?
Dare I say,
Nobody can or would
And why would they?
It is I,
Who took the fall a bit too deep
Into this grave of lies and uncertainty
Even though I can splat all these facts on a canvas
And fill them in with a hundred different colours as reasons,
Despite being so wrong,
I can’t help but admit,
You fit with me.

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What’s one thing most people don’t know about you?

hamza akhtar rajput
I’m looking for a bae because I want to get engaged asap
All these spas and foot massages are like expensive and spending all that from my own pocket from my own earning is dreadful every time, when there’s rents and bills to pay
So yeah hit me up looking for potential baes jo last tha uss ka bacha hunay laga hai ex ke sath is scene off hai

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