Ask @SammyClegg:

Gimme long paragraph on prom, liked about it didnt like about it, etc.

I loved seeing everyone dressed up and enjoying themselves. All the time i saw everyone smiling and having a laugh which was perfect for the last night with everyone together. When the teachers got a little tipsy it was very entertaining seeing one of them grinding against another teacher, evidently not caring that we were all watching xD I think i spent most of my night on the dance floor actually, having a boogie with a few of the teachers too! there was nothing i majorly didnt like about prom, i mean yeah there could have been a bit more food but apart from that i enjoyed it all. The professional photos by the bar that you could have taken i loved because i now have a few keepsake photos of me and my friends for the first time as we never really take pictures in our group. I do wish i could go back and enjoy it all over again

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