Ask @Sanyan567:


First of all im so unlucky. Like I always be unlucky. I loose so many pople in my life which i loved so much. The truth is; i never be lucky. I always think that How will life ends me same as i loose people. But there is a time when Allah do mercy on his people. I think im also being that person i guess so because the reason is i met a person who taught me the real meaning of love and the best thing is she is my bestfriend now. The person which i was talking about is YOU. I love to listen your galiyan which is like a gold words for me. Like i will never ever forget these. Nowadays im being so happy it is because of you. I love to say you bro and when you say me back it makes me so so happy that i can't tell probably. Nowadays im feeling so lucky that i think i can't tell how much im feeling lucky. But im scared of losing you. I don't want to lose you bro i swear. I wish i can make you happy. I want to be with you and im always with you bro i swear and i promise. You are so amazing for me and that's not a damn lie. Im so lucky bro to have you that probably i can't tell. Stay with me bro please. Stay happy with me please. Apun chahta apna sanjay babu hamesha khush rahay😎. Your emotions are worthful for me. You are so worthful for me i swear believe me I always wish you best bro. Because you deserve better and more better bro.
Im here bro always. 🌸🖤🖤
And also YOYO Gang will always stay for long until i die🌸🖤

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