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Do you worry what others may think of you?

No , I don't worry about others , I focus on myself and mines ❣️

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I’m depressed and I feel like I have no purpose or importance. I’m so lonely. If I go off anon and reach out to you will you be my friend? I’m desperate at this point. I need the support and I’ll be there for you too.

Awh I can be your friend, I'm very good at talking to people and giving advice .

Why are all white women into black guys? 🙄

Idk, I'm not white n never been or will be with a black guy

He don’t want you sweetheart stop trying im embarrassed for you

That's why I live with my man 😂

Honestly really just wanna smell you again!

Wtf? I have never let anyone smell me , you are BIG TRIPPEN

I know for a fact you’re in love with me as well … so when does the frontin end?

Your smoking fat rocks 😂😂

is it weird that I think I can treat a person better than their significant other?

That's like homewrecker vibes lol, stop. That's not cute , let people be in there relationship and if there happy then there happy no need to interfere with something that has nothing to do with you .

We’re you ever bullied growing up?

NineGDxFour’s Profile PhotoAutumn ✨
Yes, a lot in elementary, but then you know the glow up started happening and those who bullied me tried popping in my messages but it doesnt work like that , so they get dissed.

This may sound stupid, but how do I get over someone I never dated?

Huh? That's obsessive n I think you have a problem, just saying . You should not be that interested in someone if you have never dated or been in any type intimacy together. Your waisting your time with drooling all over them.

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