Ask @SaraMugiwara:

10 facts about you pwease, sara-chan ><

okaayy!! XDD i like this one!!!
fact 1: i always wash my hands and splash the water off on a friends face
fact 2: i throw with food when its break
fact 3: i never EVER NEVER polish mah nails >.< I HATE THAT..IT STINKS!!
fact 4: im single forever irl!! bcuz i wanna be free and independent
fact 5: i love my eyes the most *~* i can stare at them for hours
fact 6: my grammar and accent SUCKS!! even of my motherlanguage
fact 7: im a chocolatefreak *0*0*0*
fact 8: im fused with sonali *3*
fact 9: im going to make of gerry mah family ...nah just kidding.. xDD..okii maybe
fact 10: MY FUTURE HOME... IS A...PALACE!!! *3*3* or a houseboat :3

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