Ask @SarahReubius:

What is your favorite movie soundtrack?

Its a Police Story 2013 OR 2014 *I forgot already* . Its called 'Zheng Jiu by Jackie Chan' . Zheng Jiu means Rescue .

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What are the best holidays you have ever had in your life?

On my recovering times , I went to Pantai Chenang . My mom and dad brought me there . It was really a beautiful town . It scenery was beautiful especially when sunset . :)

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What single piece of technology makes your life easier?

CHARGER . Without it , I cant use my phone . Without it , I cant call my mom , dad , brother , sister , cousin , niece , nephew , friends , best friends , best friends forever , boyfriend , scandal . Without it , I cant answer this stupid question . So keep calm and buy a charger . :9

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Is humanity progressing or deteriorating?

DETERIORATING . Seriously ? WTF is that means ? again *check dictionary* .... Aaa I see . Deteriorating .

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