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Piperstwin is a cross dresser, Intermetheus has something mentally wrong with him and Systems Nominal is weirdly obsessed with Piperstwin, if you had any other mods I'd tell you what I think of them too, get better mods for your stream.

Sounds like someone got banned and is still butthurt. Poor baby.

Your thoughts on Spider-man coming to the MCU? Are you disappointed by the BP/Captain Marvel push backs?

I'm excited that he's coming but I truly hope we don't get another origin story. That shit was boring the first two times cut it out! We know how he becomes Spider-man dammit! And I'm a little disappointed, moreso because I know this means their stories must have changed from the original plan.

As a person that likes bdsm, do you personally like the way it's portrayed in the Kusheil novels?

Caylie Sadin
What I love about the Kushiel novels is that it really captures the consent and pleasure aspects of BDSM. Phaedre loves it. She enjoys is immensely and it's about her pleasure and her power.
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As a tall black male with a beard, BDSM scares the hell out of me. Any signs I can look out for that a girl might be into something like that? My night would be ruined if she calls the police saying I attempted to kidnap her after I tied her up

You could ask her if she likes rough-play. Ask while staring a little dangerously into her eyes. If she swallows hard or her mouth opens a lil bit she's probably into it/curious. If she mentions "lovemaking" a lot and likes the nice guys in romance movies then she probably likes normal sex lol. But I'm not a sex doctor man what do I know.

With the new 50 Shades of Gray BDSM sweeping the nation, can you tell how you asked for bondage with partner and give us some insight on his reaction

Ugh that crappy book is not BDSM it's abuse. And the first time it happened I didn't ask for it. If I have to ask for it I'm not going to enjoy the results because it will come from him trying make me happy versus his desire to be in a BDSM sexual relationship.

What was your first safe word

Same one I still have: Xena. Very hard to confuse that with any other word or sound lol


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