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turn ons turn offs

Turn ons:
Texts me first
Likes to just chill
Good personality
Turn offs:
Boring texter
Doesn't like to do things in person

dear person you hate

JESUS CHRIST JUST SHUT UP ABOUT ME OKAYY??? GOD U KNOW U MAKE ME SO PISSED OFF. You text me telling me that i need to stop talking about what happened between us yet here u go calling me names and talking crap about me! HONESTLY I FUCKING HATE YOU! YOU ARE THE DUMBEST FUCKING ASSHOLE EVERY OKAYY?? God just shut up about me!!! U ARE JUST SO OBSESSED WITH THE ATTENTION ITS GIVING YOU HONESTLY. Your being such a bitch about me. You think talking crap about me is some sort of revenge and its not. Its making yourself look stupid. Its so fucking annoying. Just forget about the past oh my god. GET OVER YOURSELF. Your just too dumb to give it up. I hate you so much. Honestly I really really really hate you. You are the biggest jerk talking about me like this. You should feel bad about yourself. How would you feel if someone said what you said about me but about you?would you laugh it off? Or would u stand up for yourself? Or are you just too much of a wimp to stand up for yourself? Well guess what? Im standing up for myself and am telling you to shut the fuck up about me. Just forget that this ever fucking happened. How could anyone like an asshole like you? I didnt even fucking do anything. You told me we should stop being more than friends. Then i told u that we should stop talking. I wasnt being a bitch about it. READ THE FUCKING TEXTS AGAIN IF U DONT BELIEVE ME. So this isnt my fault and im not blaming you. Just im sick and tired of you treating me like im worthless. IM FUCKING DONE WITH YOU. JUST LEAVE ME ALONE< and by that i mean dont fucking refer to me and anything or talk about me anonymously. Everyone knows you hate me?? Are you happy now?? Everyone knows that u call me a bitch! < does this make you feel any better? Seriously just stop. Just drop me from your life. If it makes you become the hero u think you are, just forget that i exist. Just forget it. We are strangers now right? So just forget me. i am certainly going to forget your dumb ass. So just do the same. Im done with you. Im done with this drama you unnecessarly created. 👿 i bet you just feel like a winner at life now dont you?? Having everyone liking your posts about me?? Does it feel good to you? Talking shit about me? I bet it does,
Doesn't it 😒
God i sound really mean but whatever you just piss me off so fricken much

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Wait are you serious about your dogs ripping it up?

Them ripping it up was a total accident im not gonna lie.. But like idrc because what else was i gonna do with it?
Liked by: taman

What did u do with the stuffed animal u got for grad?

U mean the one that looked like a dog toy? Well my dogs found it and teared it up.. Oops #sorrynotsorry


Also if your reading this, go live your shitty life as far away from me as possible. You need to just stay away and leave me alone. I have better things to do in my life than bother with your BS. Go fool everyone with that plastered on smile. It can hide so much hate its suprising. I cant stand you so Stfu and go away
Liked by: sachi Ruchika

Pros and cons of past crush?

Well my past "crush" turns out to be a bigger jerk than i thought. So I dont have any pros. Cons are that he is a lier and a horrible person. He was so nice and caring but people change. He called me names and i honestly dont give a crap because all he wants is attention. And dont tell me im a bitch after you say "i wish i never met you and i shouldve become friends with someone else"


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