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what do you think of Noah hillstead

Lol well even tho I don't know him that well... I guess he's pretty cute but I don't rlly judge guys by how they look... most of the time...

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If you could print any phrase on a T-shirt, what would it say?

"funny that you call me a hoe bag when you are the tool" (and it will have a picture of a gardening tool hoe in the background haha)
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Do you like trey? Like like?

what is this 7th grade?! the term "like like" is so stupid. but maybe i do like him more than a friend, why does it matter?
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What do you think of tattoos?

they're cool but if god rlly wanted us to have tats on our body then we would be born with tattoos. same with weird piercings.
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Do you remember your first kiss?

yes and he and i go to school together and i consider him as my 'older brother' and he considers me as his 'sister' not by blood and we just act as if the kiss didn't even happen.
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What makes you sad?

Seeing teens getting cancer and being all like "but i eat healthy, i don't smoke, i don't do drugs, i don't try to get a tan, I'm athletic so idk how i got cancer." Well, actually most teens don't think about how u can get cancer from radiation. And an everyday source of radiation that has taken over most of america and america's teens, is our phones. They give off radiation 24/7 unless they r completely off. Not just taping the off button, u need to put it on a hard shut down so it wont give off radiation. But what if ppl say "well if its in my pocket then my pants will block the radiation" well if ppl actually say that, they r dumb af. Radiation is heat but not a heat that we can feel, radiation is used in X-ray machines idk why but if u have ever gotten an X-ray im pretty sure they make u wear a blue vest on ur chest, that blocks most of the radiation so it doesn't go to ur chest and give u a fatal cancer in or near ur heart. But just to wrap things up for heavens sake when u go to class either leave ur phone in ur backpack on a hard shut down or leave it in ur locker, during the summer camp leave it on hard shut down and in ur backpack or just leave it at home plus u shouldn't be using ur phone during the summer bc its only here for a while til school comes back SO DO SOMETHING OUTSIDE AND BE SOCIAL IN REAL LIFE!!!!!!!!!!!

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