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What does it mean when a girl smiles at a boy?

It depends, but since im a girl it would be a rlly rlly boring and long answer so ill just stop there;)
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If you could have one wish what would you wish for?

For someone to give me a unicorn for my bday! One of those unicorns that makes rainbows when they fart
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I'll give you one more chance come on babe, i follow you on ig so you kinda know me in a way? You me BWW this Friday I'll be wearing a green shirt and a beanie so that you know it's me

Idk who u r and I follow back everyone on my ig but I'm not a idiot to go on a date with some douche who idfk so just leave me alone plz I'm not interested

okay well u must think I'm gross cuz ive been smoking weed since sixth grade

I don't think ppl who smoke r gross I just meant that smoking stuff is gross srry if I offended u a bit I didn't mean it

marijuana isn't actual bad for your lungs and it is used for medicine and it isn't a drug it's a natural herb from the earth and its not even close to a drug

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Oki but its still gross idc
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Hey your pretty wanna meet at Buffalo Wild Wings?

Lol thnx but no thnx if I don't know u I won't do it srry dude

what do u think of people who smoke

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Well my mom smokes and I have a huge problem with it! But I don't rlly have a choice about other ppl smoking... But if one of my friends wanted to start I would try to talk them out of it just like how I'm trying to make my mom quit. But idk it's their prob once they start but I wish smoking would come to an end some day soon

what do u think of Noah hillstead

Omg I already got this question wtf but whatever he seems chill I guess

what do u think of Eric beattie

I think he is rlly cute in my opinion and I know that I USED to hate him but now I don't cuz I can never stay mad at him. I hope that he and I can keep a relationship as friends, enemies, or something else idc what it is I just want to be in some kind of relationship with him... Srry if that was too long im super bored tho..
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what do you think of Noah hillstead

Lol well even tho I don't know him that well... I guess he's pretty cute but I don't rlly judge guys by how they look... most of the time...

do you go to Reuther and why do u hate Eric beattie haha

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If u have kik I will tell u cuz it's a little private. My kik is sarahbear3211 and no I do not go to Reuther I go to St. John Rochester right next to the Hospital

Shall we look for love, wait for love or forget totally about it?

Well I just got out of a relationship and I rlly thought that he was THE ONE but it turns out that he wasnt. But I think everyone should wait for that special someone.
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What is the most unappetizing meal?

In my opinion the most unappetizing meal I have ever had would be idk maybe gooey meatloaf?

What should a real man be able to do?

I think if he is a real man and is dating someone he shouldn't cheat on her because if you feel that it is true love or that she loves you, you should be grateful with her. Also a real man should have abs (just sayin)☺

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