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Humza گجر
"Money doesn't buy happiness" is just as dumb as saying "But I will buy *smth luxurious* from it", like that's gonna give you any happiness ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
Money buys comfort. Having enough money to take a week off of your work without worrying abt your family starving, enough money to buy clothes, taking a trip. Just having enough money that your need for money isn't stuck on your mind.
Happiness isn't in luxury but comfort, money buys that. ✌🏿😌
GG see y'all next game 👽👌🏿

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Muhammad irfan
Back in school, my urdu teacher was so strict and she would only give us good marks if our registers were pretty, like yk if our writing was good, presentation was good. I used to work on that, she never gave it any attention at firs but 3, 5 weeks in she asked me to come up on stage, I did, showed my register to everyone said that's how you should do it too. W H A T?? 😤 Bitch I am too awkward to come up on your stage, after that tried my best to not try my best ✌🏿😌

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@mominaaay is not a nice girl.You liked her answer which offended me a lot.I gave her a compliment that she looks cute and in return she called me Simpson's dad.My mom just expired a few months ago.I know allah is with me.

Man if you're offended because someone liked that answer, you aren't going to survive on the internet. I don't even pay attention to the answers I am liking (if idk the person who's answering them).
I understand what you're say, I am sorry you got offended (if that helps). But yk, try to chill. I am gonna die soon (hopefully), that's 1 like less to care abt. ✌🏿😌 My G, chill.

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