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Revelation of the day!

you, despite being the protaganist of your own story, are not the main character the world will appease to. you are not the lead, you are not the plot, you are not the side character. do not expect anything unless you can stand behind it without toppling over others--this is not your novella to write alone.
please do not forget that as you live humbly.

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When are characters' birthdays?

ok but can ppl chill with the bts hype on wp like guys i know they're everything good with this world but as one army to another that literally just wants to read a book without every "bts on for storiess" or "not today i don't" being commented like justin bieber lyrics were back in the day, that would be great mkay thx

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Friendships are superior than your self respect? What do you think? #NH #seriousanswersplease

Self-respect is not to be mistaken with pride or ego. It's the dignity and respect you would be expected to have for others. If you can't be given the bare minimum of being treated like a human being or as seriously as the way you present yourself, then friendships aren't going to validate you, they'd break you. Calling you out for being an asshole is different than treating being treated in an asshole manner.

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omg eyebrows in general can be the most frustrating things ever. like those instagram eyebrows. those hella thin ones. and those ones where the people purposely draw them so that they're like a finger apart. and i know somenoe whose cousin looks like a tadpole, an oval with a tail basically.

calista ツ
omg this was buried under these random ass questions but preach !! also eyebrow threading is so hurtful why is being beautiful so much pain

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Name one thing that you are very passionate about... :)

if i feel super super strongly about how people should be treated (i. e. if someone i love is being mistreated) there is literally nothing that can stop be (maybe the law and a police siren but that's beside the point bc my intention is strong) is being protective of people i cherish.

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