Jen Kantrowitz

What is more important - to be loved or to fall in love?

I would say it's a little of both. B/c in order to fall in love with someone, you have to be loved (self-acceptance is everything).

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Shark diving, bungee jumping, or sky diving?

I have acrophobia, so no to the bungee jumping or sky diving. I'm terrified of sharks, so no.
No go on all three.

Which cities would you like to visit around the world?

Seoul, Tokyo, Moscow (in summertime), a lot of SE Asia actually. The Caribbean, parts of S. America and Australia.

If you could change your name to anything, what would it be?

I would change it to either my Korean name (Jang Mi) or my Japanese name (Sayuri). Jang Mi is another meaning for 'Rose' in Korean while Sayuri means 'a little lily'.

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