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Will you read my work? It's online already but I plan to edit it and publish it in the near future.

Sure, send me the link :)

Why don't you make youtube videos anymore? I miss them :(

Aww thanks for watching, luv. I'm focusing on other aspects of my career right now with my books and stuff. Maybe i'll make vids again one day, but not for now. x

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to his usual self?

Hi hun!
In my opinion, if this is the guy you know you want to be with beyond a shadow of a doubt, you've got to ride it out with him. He's going through a stressful time and he's probably really scared but he doesn't know how to express it so he might be trying to push people away (which is probably why he's fallen out with his friends and family), including you. This will not be easy for you to deal with, so you have to decide if you think he's worth the effort, then stick by his side while he goes through it.
Let him know that you are here for him when he's ready to talk, and be patient, don't try to force him into it because it's likely that he may resist, and show him love even when he doesn't show it to you (but be mindful that you don't let him take the piss).
Understand that after this ordeal, he may never go back to his usual self (things like being stabbed and facing jail time can change a person. They will either break under the pressure or grow), so you have to be up for possibly dealing with a different version of him.
It's either that, or you walk away and leave him to it.
Hope that helps x

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tbh I think i want to leave him but it seems like the wrong time and seeing as his life has had a turn for the worse and he's lost relationships with friends and family since, would it be best to wait it out until he has the trial or just get it over and done with or hope that he changes back...


say he's going out or something, then we have a mixture of phone calls one min he's all lovey dove and the next minute he's a complete dickhead like we usually have our mardys and ups and downs but now its really intense and i haven't even seen him so that we can properly talk about things ...


to do with having weed on him and is due to go on trial in like 2 weeks which i have supported him with however on new years he basically got stabbed in the neck which was his friends fault and although I've offered to visit him its like he don't want to see me or will arrange to and then...


I've been seeing someone for a year and we could have been official however when he asked i was like no because he didn't have a job/stability ect anyways one year later and we're pretty much in a relationship without the official label however he's basically got himself in trouble with the police..


Also how do I get over him? I miss him so much and it's worse when the feelings clearly aren't reciprocated anymore. I feel like I'm back into stage 1 in getting over him

Hello luv, I'm sorry to hear about your relationship.
Unfortunately there is no quick or easy way to get over someone. It's gonna hurt and you're gonna feel it, all of it, but it's something that you just have to leave to time. As each day passes it'll get a little easier, it will hurt less, and then one day you'll just find that you're okay.
The best thing you can do in this time is be good to yourself. All that love that you used to put in to him, give it to yourself, because now is the time when you will need it the most. Make a list of all the things you've always wanted to do, no matter how big or small, and do them. Get out more, see your friends, treat yourself; focus on the things that make you happy.
On your bad days, when you start to miss him all over again, try writing down exactly how you feel and then read it back to yourself (kind of like self-therapy). Through letting it out and witnessing your own thoughts, you are better equipped to deal with the bad stuff the next time it pops up because you are developing a better understanding of yourself

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And now that I look back on it I regret speaking to him so much because it just made me look silly and as if running back. Do you think he'll think I'm pathetic/annoying after making it clear he doesn't want anything to do with me and that we should never talk again yet I still texted him? Cont


Hey, me and my ex broke up recently. He said a lot to push me away and deliberately hurt me so I'll never speak to him again and he made it clear he won't either. I've been doing NC for a few weeks until yesterday when I missss him and gave in to speak to him. The convo was kinda dead (cont)


Previous question: I should of rephrased that better he is my boyfriend of two years. Is the response the same? I'm need some advice because I'm losing my shit trying to stay calm. He fills my head up with marriage & getting a flat together them I see him move to girls on IG...

Wait, he's your boyfriend and he's drawing other females and telling you to mind your business but claiming he loves you. Oh honey, that's not love, not the kind of love that counts for anything anyway. Real love comes with respect. Do you think that someone who truly loves and respects you would do something like that to you? Would you do something like that to him? No relationship is perfect and sometimes they need work, but they must have a good foundation, unconditional love, loyalty, honesty and respect. If he is not giving you the kind of love you believe you deserve then you need to do something about it, or carry on living this way.

I've been dating this guy for 2 years. He tells me he loves me but then asks girls for their # on ig, I ask why he tells me he can do whatever he wants, it's his personally business. Am I just being used. I've been there for him since day one. Is he like planning to leave me soon or something?

He's right, he can do what he wants, you're not his girlfriend and for that reason he can't plan to leave you if he's not actually with you. He's been 'dating' you (aka hanging out and having sex with you) for 2 years and has made no move to make you his gf, and in that time he has been doing the same with other girls; do you think he is using you?

...that I looked great and like I was having a lot of fun. I told him that I'd deleted his number because he didn't seem interested, but he assured me twice that was not the case. Yesterday I text him and he's ignored me! Should I just ditch this guy? His actions don't seem to match his words.

If you feel like ditching him is the right thing to do, then do it. If you still want to see where it will go from here then stick around. I can't tell you whether to stay or not because at the end of the day, you will be the one dealing with the consequences. Go with your gut, do what's right for you.

A guy I've fallen for tells me he is hugely interested in me. He's been pursuing me for two months, we've been out together but haven't had sex or even kissed. Last weekend I saw him at a bar and he was all over other girls. I deleted his number but he called me the next day to tell me...


I have seen this out and about for a while. We saw each and he remembered my face and I asked him how was uni. He stated 'you remembered?' Then an weird silence before he continued speaking. I remembered because he's cute and I like him. He started licking his lips afterwards. Does he know?

I don't know. Maybe it would be better if you asked him.

I started speaking to this one guy and things didn't work out. He just stopped texting one day and I was fine with it. One of his friends claimed the guy is gay for not going out with me -- I don't take no notice because he clearly didn't like me. But he's friend claims that stupid? What do you thin

I think that if it's over between the both of you then it's irrelevant. You're not together or planning to be together, so whether he's 'gay' or 'stupid' doesn't matter. Leave the past behind you and move forward.

I've been with a guy on and off and never have I noticed certain things. He fancies white girls and every time we go out, I see him check out these girls but isn't aware that I know. I'm not white - how do I tell him because clearly I'm not what he fancies as he's previous have all been white girls.

If he didn't find you attractive he wouldn't be with you.

Is this healthy? Everytime I want to get back with this guy, I look at past pictures of him with girls and it stops me because I feel hearbroken and I cry everytime I look at the picture like I was never good enough. It helps because I no longer want to get back with him, is it weird i do this?

I think we all have our ways of coping with things, and whether it's healthy or not is subjective. I understand your method because it stops you from returning to something you don't seem to want all that much, but at the same time, I think that by torturing yourself like that, you are being unfair to yourself. Stop telling yourself that you are not good enough. It's not that you weren't good enough, you two just didn't work out because you both needed something different. It happens, it's life. Him being with other girls does not diminish your value. The only person doing that is you and you need to stop it because if you carry on you will create problems for yourself. What you need to do is let go. Don't look at the pictures if you know that all it will do is make you feel bad about yourself. Focus on the things that make you happy. And secondly, I think it may be useful for you to write down the reasons why you don't think you two should get back together -be brutally honest about it. Expressing your feelings honestly provides clarity and is less painful than your current method. x

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Do you ever feel like if you were to see this one guy again, all your emotions would come back and you always question yourself what if? I like to stay away so I don't think that.. it's not always easy. What would you recommend?

Of course, we all have at least one of those people in our lives, and like you, I choose to stay away (it's easier that way). I think that when you have the urge to see them, it's good to remember why you both had to part ways in the first place. Things end for a reason. That person came into your life but was unable to stay for a reason, and that reason was to teach you something. So you take that lesson and you apply it. You're allowed to miss him and feel what you feel for him, but sometimes it's better to do that from a distance, for your own peace of mind.

hi, i want to write a book or a blog or something I dunno what i just have so much going on in my brain and need to put it down on something and express myself I dunno how and where to start or what even to do !! help !!

It's simple; if you want to write, then write.

I spent some time with a guy and we were on and off for a while. While we were on, I found pictures of him with other girls on my birthday. I didn't tell him but I left him to go home. It really hurt because he was communicating with her in ways that he hasn't done with me. Do I tell him or just mov

I'm sorry to hear that luv, but I think you should move on. You two aren't official and he's seeing other people. There's nothing to discuss.


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