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*lol I wonder if Geha still has a grudge against Nix from when he tried to eat Shino xD*

SkrixWraHybrid’s Profile PhotoNix
*She does xD she has him on her hit list along with Radier now, Geha doesn't forget, you harm anyone she cares for, you are now a permanent enemy of hers, she will attack Nix if she sees him*
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That brat is my son.. Though you didn't hear that from me!*she offers Geha some cookies*Here is some sweets for a sweetie pie!*she smiles playing innocent as well*

NeoTheSkrix’s Profile PhotoNeo
*why did Neo have to turn out messed up- I blame her cousin and the wra! D:< and the robo core*
That's why you look alike, he looks a little like you but he tried to eat my sister! *Geha was faking everything until she spots the cookies, she genuinely was confused and tilts her skull slightly* ..Sweets..? ..*and she stares at Neo when she heard her call her sweetie, something she only heard Geno ever say*

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Aw you're so cute!*Neo was amused seeing Nix run away in fear from the little girl*

NeoTheSkrix’s Profile PhotoNeo
*Oof xD bad Neo baaaad but how can you stay mad when she's so cute-
Neo gets a cuteness pass*
*Making Nix look worse, she puts on the sweet and inoccent act- copying Shino*
Aw, thank you Ms! Your cute too! Who are you? You kind of look like the kid that ran away from me..

Ahh! Tactical retreat!!*Nix runs away lol*

SkrixWraHybrid’s Profile PhotoNix
*Nix: NOPE she's too crazy! XD
After only meeting her for 5 minutes, maybe he shouldn't of brought up almost eating Shino*
Be lucky I'm letting you off the hook for now..~
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I'm not lying...! Please don't..*he looks nervous now fearful of Geha* My dad would be very mad if I don't go home..

SkrixWraHybrid’s Profile PhotoNix
..Hmm..I guess someone that looks that scared wouldn't lie~ *Geha then lowers her scythe, letting Nix go* But.. just so you know..if I hear about you trying to eat H E R again.. your going to have so much FUN with me~ Tell me..do you know how to play hide and seek..without any E Y E S ? *Geha gives a demented grin while tilting her skull*

Eep! It does sound bad but it was Goths idea I wouldn't hurt her..! I'm a prince not a monster!* He backs away* Im just not used to others I was isolated for a long time till now..

SkrixWraHybrid’s Profile PhotoNix
...G o T h Y . . .h u h . . ? I ought to pay him a little visit then.. *Geha then holds her scythe up near Nix's neck* unless... You wouldn't happen to be l y i n g to me..would you? I could tear that cute little head of yours off..and wear it as a nice little HAT if you are~
Maybe I'll even hang you on my wall..if your a prince and all~

Um yeah! Kinda! I'm closer with Silver and Goth but that's just a boy thing.. I wasn't really friends with her at first when I tried to eat her but we resolved that!*maybe he shouldn't of said all that lol* Are you her sister you look alot like her..

SkrixWraHybrid’s Profile PhotoNix
..You...tried to.. e a t..h e r..? ..*Oh sh-t, he just triggered the insane smol- she stops her cute and innocent act early and summons her scythe to her hands which is 3 times bigger than her, and backflips over Nix* You aren't wrong... I A M her sister.. but unlike Shino..I have no problem with M u R d E r ! You sound like Radier.. acting like her friend..just so you can use her as your little T o Y . . .
Um yeah Kinda Im closer with Silver and Goth but thats just a boy thing I wasnt

I'm Nix!*his tail wags *Who are you?

SkrixWraHybrid’s Profile PhotoNix
Nix? My name's Geha! Nice to meet you~ Are you a friend of Shino's? *If he answers no that gives her the freedom to kiII the kiddo xD be careful Nix*
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Hello?*Nix cautiously approaches the skeleton child*

SkrixWraHybrid’s Profile PhotoNix
*Geha will put on the sweet and inoccent act at first, she walks over to the stranger after hearing him say hello* ..Who are you Mr?
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*Once Geno teleported them both away she sets Geha down*Me and your mom are trying our best to keep you safe.

ToxinTale’s Profile PhotoAllura
*Aw**Geha stares up at Allura with sadness in her eyes* ..I..I don't get it.. you don't ..have a reason to protect me..*The smol stares down at the ground* ..my mind is shattered..into tiny pieces.. sometimes..I can act like Shino..and be like I used to be..and other times.. I get..voices..telling me to dust others.. telling me to kiII everyone who's mean to us..
Our dad..He isn't wrong about me..sometimes..I can't control myself.. ..I could hurt you..without wanting to.. *She sits down and hugs herself*

No but I do have a hunch . Reaper isn't stupid enough to chase me down.*don't tempt him lol*

ToxinTale’s Profile PhotoAllura
*xD Reaper has that stupidity--
Reaper: -clearly chasing Allura like a scythe wielding maniac and sees the smol run behind Geno- uuuhhh..we're just..playing tag?
..Or..maybe he is that stupid..I see him behind you..*Geha pokes her tiny skull over Alluras shoulder and spots @GrimReapings doing exactly what the mod was joking about..but it is true that Reaper wouldn't wander too far away from Geno, so Geno can't be too far behind..Geha just happened to be at the right place at the wrong time..*

Cause I know first hand what it feels like to have a dad who doesn't care .. Mine was horrible too.. I want better for you kiddo . We are going to Geno he'll stop reaper even if I can't .*she knocks some stuff over to slow down reaper before running off with Geha she holds the child protectively*

ToxinTale’s Profile PhotoAllura
*Reaper being called out right there by a cinnamon roll xD*
I..I don't..know how to feel..*Geha actually clings onto Allura* ..Mr Toxin..he.. he told me..to kiII you..and my mom..but.. you both..are nice to me.. I don't..understand.. ..do..you know where my mom is..? I checked our house..he isn't there..

*Reaper easily deflects her scythe with his own and sends several magic imbued chains flying her way to pin her down* even a demon like you can't beat Death.. you can try all you want but you'll end up just like your other siblings..~ Or maybe you won't..depends on how and where you die at..~

GrimReapings’s Profile PhotoƦeαρer
*But as soon as Geha got knocked back from her scythe being deflected- @ToxinTale came to her rescue- Reaper is gonna have a hard time explaining that one xD
Reaper: -knocks on Alluras house- hey! I just saw you grab my kiddo after I was..having scythe practice with her and I want her back--totally not gonna murder her..
Allura: -goes into mama bear mode- NO POLIIICCEE!! -SLAMS DOOR XD-
-Reaper makes sad Reaper noises and goes home-
Geno: Uh hey Death where's most of our kids?
Reaper: Uh..they went to Temmie college and are totally not at Alluras house cause I tried to add them to my reaping list
Geno: OKAY :D That's the first good parent thing I've heard you say- wait a minute..but Tems college is made up.. you sent them to imaginary school..and paid Temmie..to take them to imaginary school..
Reaper: Uh..YES ..
Geno: I take back what I just said..
-more sad Reaper noises xD- *

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*Suddenly Allura swoops in grabbing Geha running for before reaper could hit her*Sorry kiddo but Im not gonna witness a m-rder today..

ToxinTale’s Profile PhotoAllura
*You brought back the cinnamon roll cX*
*Geha looks shocked..she didn't expect anyone to save her, the smol kiddo stares up at Allura with huge eyelights* W-wha--you..why are you.. saving..me..?

*tbc* I'll just eliminate ya myself..*Reaper then summons his scythe* I should of done this to begin with instead of taking the lazy way out.. You, Raven, Silver and Sorell..are all mistakes.. but your worse than the other mistakes..you and Silver, I actually wanna murder.. *wow*

GrimReapings’s Profile PhotoƦeαρer
..So..you finally show your true colors..*Geha then summons her own scythe* not that you haven't before..but it wasn't like this..you were more..sneaky about it..
...You remind me..so much of Goth.. except..Goth..is a little nicer than you..
*she then charges at her father, swinging her scythe at him*
I won't go down easily! *trying to kiII a 6yr old..yep, that's Reaper*

Hey demon from another realm..*Reaper appears after changing clothes and after leaving @DontcallmeSans on the surface* ..I thought about just dumping you in Underfell..but your too dangerous even for a place like that..I dumped ya in MafiaTale..and you still survived..so..now..tbc

GrimReapings’s Profile PhotoƦeαρer
*Welp Reaper is at it again xD he never learns..I think Karma is gonna hit him hard though*

My birthday went fine, I'm happy so many people showed up to give me birthday wishes

BowsOfLights’s Profile PhotoDream
I know this is late but..I'm happy you had a good birthday..

It's alright, I appreciate you trying to take my mind off my brother, but you didn't need to try scaring me to do so. *he still has a serene smile knowing what the kid needs right now is not anger or yelling*

BowsOfLights’s Profile PhotoDream
..You really are Rainbows mom..*Geha looks away from Dream and stares at the ground* ..I'm.. sorry..I thought scaring you would make it better.. did you still have a good birthday? *She seems to genuinely care about Dream, probably cause RainbowStar is a lot like her parents*

Just tell Dream you didn't know the toy would scare him and that you're sorry. He's a good-natured guy, I doubt he'd be mad so don't worry about that.

DontcallmeSans’s Profile PhotoGeno
But..I did know it would scare him..I thought scaring him would get his mind off Nightmare..RainbowStar told me a little bit about them..she told me how she sees her mom get upset on his birthday every year and wants to cheer him up but can't..I thought scaring him would work better if trying to cheer him up always fails..*She then looks at @BowsOfLights * Sorry..*she hopes he isn't angry like her mom said*

Yes Geha, it's me Geno. I'm sure Dream appreciates that you thought of him, but giving someone a gift that scares them isn't very nice. Understand sweetie?

DontcallmeSans’s Profile PhotoGeno
..It isn't? *Geha blinks a few times, she genuinely didn't know that and stares up at her mom* I..don't think..I'll ever get used to you calling me that.. *She then looks down at the ground towards the owl plush* ..I'm not sweet..even when I try to be..

Geha! *he seems startled at the gift she gave Dream and pulls her away hugging her* Geha it isn't nice to give people things that scare them as gifts

DontcallmeSans’s Profile PhotoGeno
Wh-- *Geha looks really surprised at the sudden hug especially since she didn't get a good look at who hugged her and ends up dropping the owl toy in her hands* That voice..are..you.. my mom? .. ..I thought I was doing something good..
*at least @BowsOfLights won't be completely scared now*


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