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Sealand I know you would never cheat on anyone! You are one of the sweetest nicest guys I know and I think you should just delete your askfm and keep her out of your life cause its just going to make you angry! Just think of it in this way she’s only telling people this to hurt you.

Awwwhhhh! Yeah but I’m not getting hurt dw

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When she did that stuff she wasn’t going to be with you again. You had sex with someone while telling Brooke you were going to prove to her that you were the best boyfriend for her and make up for kissing that girl? How does fucking someone show her what a good guy you are? It doesn’t!

True this could be anyone haha seems like shes told the whole of nelson anyways

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Idk if she’s been asking but I’ve sent you a lot and I’m not Brooke, I know you both and I’m sick of you acting like you haven’t done anything wrong when you actually ruined your chances with an amazing girl who deserves the best.

Okay so when I do similar things my mistakes are 10x worse just cause I didn’t tell her when we were not dating in the first place tbh she didn’t have to tell me shit and I would of been fine with it cause we were not dating and I realised that cause she thought she didn’t have to tell me about her and A... which she really didn’t have to which is what she did until I found out but I’ve learnt what I thought she already knew which it doesn’t matter cause we were not dating but when I do it its 10x worse

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You’ve turned into such a shit person literally everyone thinks it even your friends know it

Apparently everyone hates me now haha and I got told that she said that from a mate of mine and everyone Im close with says who the fuck hates you 😂 I know no one that hates me tbh, I’m a happy cheerful guy, I’ve always been like that in all honesty

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But she never said you cheated 😂 she just told people you slept with someone while you were seeing her

Did she tell them that we were not dating when I “cheated” clearly not cause everyone that has came upto me told me that she said it like we were dating and that I fucked someone while we were dating

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She didn’t cheat because when she did that she told you that you guys weren’t going to be together, you slept with someone while you were still seeing Brooke. At least she stopped sleeping with you well before she did that.

Yeah we did stop we were broken up holy shit! Get it through your head please or should I just say I felt pressured to make everything okay?

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